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Because 4 are better than 1...

Fount Films | Dallas Wedding Cinematography

Strength in numbers

They say two are better than one, which should be obvious considering the line of work we are in. Over the years, we've found that teams are able to bring a level of creativity that is simply not there with just one individual. Below, you will have the chance to get to know the four of us a little bit better. Oh, and did we mention, age really is just a number. Despite the fact that three of our team members are under the legal drinking age, there is a load of experience which makes us function with the utmost of excellence and professionalism. In short, we are able to provide each client with the highest level of quality in a turn around time of four weeks or less.

Our Team
Paul Boone, Fount Films

Paul Boone

Owner, Client Manager

With 30+ years of experience, he has watched video technology progress tremendously, yet the love he acquired in the early 90s for preserving memories has only grown deeper. Having worked weddings, a variety of events, and live productions, you'd be hard-pressed to find a venue that he hasn't turned into a lasting memory.

Benji Boone, Fount Films

Benji Boone

Director, Lead Videographer

His love for music and film allows him to create a depth of emotions that one might not even know existed. Since the sixth grade, he's filmed numerous weddings and events, and has even worked on live productions. However, while his passion for film is strong, music has and will always be a significant part of his life.

Caden Bunch, Fount Films

Caden Bunch


One might characterize him as having a unique eye for filmmaking. When he was brought on as a part of the team in 2019, his natural ability, which has already shown in a variety of productions, was made evident once again. Alongside film, he has a strong love for listening to and playing metal music.

Corban Garcia, Fount Films

Corban Garcia

Editor, Streaming Producer

For his age, he is years and years ahead of the game in both knowledge and experience. This includes weddings, live productions, and more, though he excels at writing screenplays. When he isn't too terribly busy working, you might catch him recording a podcast or strolling around Dallas on his personal scooter.

At Fount Films, we delight in capturing even the simplest moments. Cinematographers. Storytellers. Memory Makers. We take wedding videography to a whole new level.

Our films never stop giving.

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